Collection: Fragment (2020)

I was inspired to create these two types of work by an afterword to a collection of poetry by Tristan Tzara. [Kotaro Miyahara, “From One Reader to Another,” / “Tristan Tzara, A Summary of a Human Being” (Tokyo: Shoshi Yamada, 1986)]

“…Why, from where, and through what and how, have we human beings come to this world? Why do we exist here now, as ourselves (instead of some other time, some other place, and as someone else)? And some day, at some time, where do we go, or where do we return? Or do we wander forever? No, was our life nothing more than a wandering about, whose days began before we knew it and whose destination remains unknown? And who am I? Am I myself? Who is this self, whom I address? And who is this someone who is in ourselves but is someone “like” the self?”